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Broad Homes partnership with Republic of Tatarstan

On 23 February 2017, Hunan-Tatarstan business forum was held in Changsha, Hunan. During the meeting, Broad International signed Letter of Intent Corporation with Tatarstan “Agriculture services “scientific production Pte Ltd, pertaining to the Volga river project. The intention is to achieve resource sharing and mutual benefits. Both deputy Secretary of the provincial party committee, Governor Xu Dazhe and President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov gave speech on the meeting, witnessing the contract signing ceremony.



Broad international establishs partnership with “Agriculture services “ scientific production Pte Ltd will start from Tatarstan“Xiaoxiang-Volga” industrial park, the place where Broad International PC factories were situated. The project will beginning with the development, manufactory and built up government social housing, follow with undertaking vocational village, high-rise condominiums and residential community project. This movement results in a significant leap in Broad International’s competiveness in global stage, also make this government campaign fruitful.   



The belt and road initiative” is a crucial strategy deployment of China for global economic integration, especially while the nation steps into the “New normal”. Facing the bonus bought by “The belt and road initiative”, investment booming in various areas and the capital is sticking out for longer term. Hunan is actively seizing this opportunity, as the communication and corporation between Hunan and Republic of Tatarstan started 4 years ago.   

Republic of Tatarstan is part of Russia federation. The corporation between Russia federation Volga river area and China Changjiang river area is officially has been commenced since year 2013, Hunan province is actively take a part in this campaign, listed as a furtherance center, set up special fund and communication policy in order to node a closer tie of two parties.

   Since year 2014, Hunan and Republic of Tatarstan maintain close communication. A corporation agreement was signed aim to promote economic, technology and cultural exchange. August 2015, on third China-Russia areal representatives meeting, “Xiaoxiang-Volga” agricultural machinery industrial Park project has been discussed and finalized, Tatarstan became a very important business partner ever since.



In recent years, Broad International closely follows “The belt and road” initiative. By rendering technical consultant services and standardized product, Broad international stimulate the demand for full scale equipment plant, and the need for upstream and downstream advisory services.  

March 2016, Bhouse Fontainebleau villa was successfully export to France, actualized China first exportation of prefabricated villa to European country.  This event highlights the international recognition of China’s creativity and capability over building industrialization.  May 2016, on “One belt and road” initiative overseas fund raising investment seminar held in Hong Kong, Broad International has the honor to participate China-lac corporate fund’s very first project. Both parties make foreign investment in form of loan and share capital, inject fund into Surinam social housing infrastructure development. Capital up to 5 billion US dollars will be pay into this project in the foreseeable 3-5 years, more than 8000 social housing and living amenities will be built up, and it will set a role model to other cross-border collaboration cases. 

      October 2016, Broad International form strategic alliances with Poland economic commission, undertaking Warsaw and other cities' social housing project through joint effort. Broad International relentlessly drive for supply high quality products and services, played constructive role overseas construction industrialization, respond to the call of "The belt and road initiative".

Tatarstan’s representative group visited Broad International Factories and construction site, deepened their understanding on Broad achievement on construction industrialization. 



Hunan is implementing “The belt and road” initiative, trying to beef up the transformation of open policy, and provide opportunities for China-Russia collaboration. We believe that in the near future, under the background of “two River Corporation”, promote prosperity of the country will be the collective goal of the two countries.


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